Plopia Lite

4.0 ( 6300 ratings )
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This app is available for the iPad2 or higher, only!
Welcome to Plopia - a floating world in the clouds. In this tiny slice of your very first Plopian experience, you meet Bolfungus, the omnipresent, bumbling do-gooder. He urges you to become the Hero of One Eyed Rocks, a small backwater of Plopia, where the native Rockians are troubled by hunger. But be warned – you will need to use that precious skill of ‘Multiplication’!
You must take Bolfungus’ ship (Rickety!) and travel to the Rockian’s islands, to feed them berries. But be careful! Giving them too little means that they remain hungry, and too much will mean that precious berries are wasted.
So help the Rockians! Become a hero! And remember to thank your math teacher, for helping you become the hero that you are!
This app is targeted for kids between the ages of 6 and 9.