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The Carbonaro Effect - Double Vision Revealed

Michael poses as an optometrist and convinces a patient that she is seeing double. Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: Watch Full Episodes for Free:

Cover Test

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Why the Double Vision System?

Why the Double Vision System?

VR Eye Exercise for mobile phones

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Optokinetic stimulation.

Strong Memorial Hospital: Rochester's Only Comprehensive Stroke Center

Our nationally recognized, highly trained stroke and neurocritical care team provide comprehensive care for all types of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. State of the art neuroimaging capabilit...

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus | Cold As Ice! | Popular Synergies!

This is a really chill mod. The items are pretty cool. The run was as smooth as ice. Current Mods: Genesis+ Turn to Toad The Eyesaac Pack Platform Racing 3 Hats The Found Agnis More Items...

Simon says...Doop is Done!

The Final Salvo. My buddy, Jeffrey Lazar a.k.a JL a.k.a Doop, decided the engage in a rap feud with me. It started off pretty light-heartedly over instant messaging. He'd send a few bars....

Ecstatic Moment of Clarity - This is a VR journey like no other for Google Cardboard.

Pumping tracks & insane visuals. This is a VR journey like no other for Google Cardboard. Strap on some head phones and kick back to this visually mesmerizing trip into another world. Specificall...

Free Hearing Aid Test Lancaster 661.942.4327 Craig Culver gives a free hearing test to any seniors at the Senior Center in Lancaster every third tuesday of the month, and in Palmdale every...